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Asara Sudhar Kendra :

Aasara Sudhar Kendra was established in 1997 by Nepal Police to control social crime on the basis of complaints regarding snatching, robbery, theft, gang fighting among other violent activities. It was found that out of 272 arrested people 111 were substance dependant, which is why police department decided to establish a residential treatment and rehabilitation centre with the guidance of proactive police concept.

Aasara Sudhar Kendra, a drug addict recovery center, run by nepal police womens association

For three months they were treated free of cost under the supervision of some trained police officers. After that the center was handed over to Police Family Women Association of Nepal to run the center independently with effective efficiency and as a self-sustaining NGO.  At present, ASK has the capacity to accommodate 70 substance dependants.

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Aasara Sudhar Kendra
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